24 days has past since the New Year.
24 memorable days that already fill our live.

Most of us must be wrote it made our resolution or our bucket list. Learn from the past or renew last year’s resolution, we settled the new goal of our life.

Me? My resolution? Just one….wanna be a better person. Nothing big or cool…just a simple wish yet hard to do it.

But I had a lots of list on my bucket list. Getting married, more wealthy than last year, travelling around the world, better job, and so on.

4 days to go to my 34 years old. Been thinking about my 33 years of life. Lots of things happened….ups and downs…everything happened for its reason. So I believe what already happened in my life, God has plan for me. I don’t know yet….but I am sure that God always taking care of me.

I wish you can keep your resolution.

Jan 24th, 2016