If we know now, there is an apps on Instagram named best nine 2015 which is the best 9 photos who got lots of hearts aka likes. Well, honestly I was didn’t know that there is an apps (lols) so I pick randomly pict which is representation my best moment on 2015. (Fyi, I finally use that apps and got 9 picts which is had lots hearts hehehe)

Okay…now I want to share to all of you my best 9 moments on 2015.

1. I still have my besties, J. He’s one of the lots of best things in my life. I always grateful I met him 46 months ago. Eventhough we are a long distance friendship but just like other friendship we also have our ups and downs moments. And we realized that those ups and downs makes our relationship stronger. The best man in my life after my dad and my brother šŸ™‚

2. I met my dearest one boyfriend. Yup after our “broke up” moment and no conversation for 10 months, I decided to re-add his FB and  he accepted my request. Then we met for real šŸ™‚ and no need to explain what happened next because it would be a novel lol

3. My bounding with my family members (mom, sister and brother) is getting better but we still build on our financial problem. Thanks to God who always provide everything.

4. My company who still hired me šŸ™‚ and I was moved to other dept. Still in marketing but I handled local project now and makes me travelling to other city. What a blessing šŸ™‚

5. Finally I quit from my dance group. It was a tearing moment when I dance and handle my second line dance group for the last time. I love that job but I have to quit because I don’t have moment for me time and also I busy with my new job. But I thankful because I met lots of people, have sisters from other parents (aka my dancers), met celebrity and take a pict with them.

6. My boss was retired and we have a new boss. I little bit upset and sad when he told us that he will leave. I have a tearing eye that time. I love my boss and I love working with him. I learned lots of things with him. Also I knew his wife and we had a good relationship. I love madam (the way I called my boss’ wife hahaa). She is a nice woman, and very patience person (compared to my boss that very impatient person lol)

7. The fallen of my tab šŸ˜¦ little bit upset and makes me arghhhh angry and disappointed. But well it taught me lots hahaaha and I have to buy a new phone now šŸ˜¦

8. Coloring my hair with my fav color….purple!!! First time in my life hahahaha

9. My birthday on this beginning year. Spent my night with my best friend ever šŸ™‚ love them so much.

Well that’s my best nine moments in my life.
How about you guys? What is your best nine moments? Or maybe more?

Have a blast 2016 for all readers.

Dec 31, 2015
9.12 pm