I didn’t wish you will talk to me every second, every minutes or every hour. I just wish you to text me in the morning, the first person that will greet me in the morning. Or greet me on my lunch time….or even just asking about my day. Or say me a good night before I’m going to bed. But, I never got it…you are too busy with your work…too busy with your life…too busy to talk to me even only say hi. I didn’t ask anything…I just want you be there on my bad and good time. I just want you cheer me up in the middle on my day. I just want you to told me about your hard day…because I wanna be there for you. I just want you to be my flashlight…and I be your flashlight….holding hand and face everything together. I just want you….

Aug 5th, 2015
12.21 am