This post just a… –hmmm how to say it– just a writing that suddenly appears on my mind while I listening to a Taylor Swift’s song, Back to December, at 3.22 am :mrgreen:

I just flashed back to my 2014. It’s been a hard year for me.
First because of my job that I felt that my boss didn’t appreciate my hard work and keep an eye to my partner who had bad attitude and work (I’m not jealous but everyone knew it). It’s a hard and disappointed me a lots. 

Second, last year I was broke up with my Korean guy. And the sad thing is, I was totally into him and I was put aside my best friend because of him. And honestly it’s not easy for me to let him go. Even I know,  I do the right thing but I still not satisfied.

Third,  my relationship with my very best friend.  I think it’s the hard time for our friendship on this latest few months.  But it makes me learn about the position of yourself on someone else’s heart or life.  Sometimes you have to realized that you might not be their priority even you put them as your VVIP on your heart or life.

Life is not just pick an option of your life, but how you can deal with your option that you’ve been choosed. Life is just not wake up in the morning and you do your daily activities and complain about your life,  but have you thankful for what you had?

Life is not as simple as you thought.

Jan 3rd, 2015