Fly too high…. it’s my sentence to describe my feeling right now. It’s a situation that makes me learn –again– about my feeling.

Fall in love it’s an amazing feeling ever. It’s more amazing than you got an A on math maybe…. or more amazing than you win a lottery…. but for me… it’s a really really amazing situation for me. It made my daily activity, it makes me keep smile, it makes me saw my phone even it’s not ringing.

But my friend always told me to not expected something too much. More you expected more you hurts. Yeah and I try to not hurting myself… but I was failed.

Today, I felt not comfortable at all. Checking my phone every second wishing I got those messages as usual. Wondering he tell me where he is now and what he did.

I wish I had a tool from Doraemon or Harry Potter to know where he is and what he did.

But I realized that I should prepare to falling from the sky. I choose to fly high and I didn’t prepared my parachute.

You’re the best thing in my life for this past 6 months.

Jan 12, 2014
10.36 pm