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I was typed my email for my far far away best friend. And I felt that I’m more grateful for having him on my days. I was sent him two e-cards, that told him how grateful I am found by him, and the other is told him that even we are in long distance friendship, we are a very best friend.

We were met on a penpal site, and he emailed me first. And yeah because I love to have a new friend, I replied his email and it continues until now. We email through our hotmail, and then decide to meet on messenger. He is the one who inspired me to starting writing a blog again. I have it before but it already off. He is a blogger and he wrote about many things and he got paid for his written.

And he is the one who appeared on my mind every time I need someone. When I have a big problem, I was crying while I’m chat with him. When I was happy, I shared my joy with him. And when I like someone, I told him and when I’m sad because of this guy, he is there for me and listening to me.

I remember the first time we argue. Just because he said “good bye” to end our chat, which is I don’t like this words, and I told him since our first meet. And that’s time I can feel our “yell”. It’s the first time we yelled each other. and yeah he said sorry.

I always admit that I missed him when we not chat, and he admit it too.

On this blog, I want to every one know that he’s my best friend ever, and he is special for me, and I’m glad he found me.

May 1, 2013. 5.18PM