It’s almost 2 months since I knew him. He’s a nice and sweet person. Even he’s 9 years younger than me, but he’s mature enough. So many memories even we talk by what’s app on phone. And we committed to decide everything on July when he come to Bangkok.

But, everything suddenly change when he said that he will choose a different way of life with mine, which is I cannot accepted. We have debating and suddenly he become a different person since that day. I’m so sad. Every time I think that everything will be okay, I always have a problem and lose someone.

I just wanna be happy with him. I just wanna be the part of his life until the end of our live. I like him, and wish he’s the last person in my life.

Honey, thanks for being the part of my life. I wish we can be together, unfortunately you have to decide your own path for your life that I cannot accepted. I hope you will think about what I have said and explain to you. 내 인생의 한 부분 주셔서 감사합니다

March 18th 2013 4.30PM