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Feb 24th, 2012

I met him on a penpal site. He send me a greeting then I replied his message. And we continued it until now. It was a common email, and when it becomes more routine activity with him. He taught me lots of thing and …. yeah he is the one who inspired me to start this blog. And one day, we finally met on a messenger 🙂 and we talking about lots of things every single day, even had a snowball war through the messenger hahaha…. I’m so thankful because he mostly have his time to talk with me 🙂

Feb 24, 2013

We almost didn’t talk about a few days and it’s almost 2 week on messenger. I’m so busy with my work, and can’t catch him on messenger. But we still wrote emails each other. Few days after Feb 24, we finally met!!! I’m so happy…..I miss our chat time 😦 and we talking about lots of things.

It’s so funny maybe….friendship anniversary. But…both of us was thankful with that date. I’m so grateful having him as my friend. It doesn’t matter with our different language, different time (he lives in Kentucky, US and me, lives in Indonesia), different culture…but we have a same background, mix-blood generation 🙂 and same pet, CAT!!! He has two kitties and I have “a kitty”, my Doraemon doll lol and both of us love to learn language 🙂

Happy a year anniversary J…..I’m so grateful, having you in my life 🙂

Feb 26, 2013 06.10PM