This year, I’ve become 31 years old….and still single ๐Ÿ™‚

This year, is the most quiet birthday ever haha…last year I have celebrated it with my dance team, and on 2011, I have celebrated it with my friends…and all was with surprise!! But this year…it’s completely different, and hmmm I’m not complaint with this situation. At least someone that I never predicted, sent me a birthday greeting. I thought he’s forget and he didn’t hahaha…. even I have to received a surprised news that he will getting married T__T

This year, I hope another person will say hi to me and forget our arguing. But just like I said to my friends, that he will say hi in the next 1000 years more!!!

This year, I have a hmmm let say a special person, someone who 8 years younger than me!!! And we just getting closed lately ๐Ÿ™‚ Am I happy with him? yes…. but not sure for our next step…Is he the one? I cross my finger.

This year, I have someone who inspired me make this blog. My best friend, Josh. I called him J. hmmm he’s a nice person, he’s a good friend, he’s the one who accompany me through my day….and we will have our first anniversary friendship this year.

This year…..I want to be a better person in anything….being a good girl, even I know I’e already a bad girl last year. Being a nice employee, being a nice sunday school teacher, being a nice singer in church, being a nice and kind daughter. Being a good dancer, being a good friend.

This year…I want to have a relationship… ^__^

Jan 31, 2013 5.50 PM