Dear JFL,

It’s the worst time when we have arguing each other. It’s my worst time ever. I never knew until now why you angry to me. Without any explanation, you just still quiet and never say hi to me. I feel like a Casper.

There’s so many rumor I heard about you. And I even don’t know which one is the correct reason. I wish I can standing in front of you and heard it from you directly.

Do you know how I miss our time? Each time I heard Lazy Song – Bruno Mars, I closed my ears. It’s one of your favorite song. I’ve even going out from the room when I heard it.

Do you know every time you came to my office, I just go away because I miss you so much, and see you just makes me greedy to hug you. That’s why I better ran away from your side and neutralized my feeling.

Today you came to our office and shake my hand, to greet me a happy new year. And everyone was very happy about that. And I said it’s just a polite act from you.

When you said bye to us, and called my name –that I didn’t heard it– they was very happy and blame me that I pretend to not heard that.

I just wrote this to express my feeling, and want to say how much I miss you. People will think that I’ve love you. I don’t know…but the important think is I want you back like before. Being my best friend, being my sharing partner, being a part of my life.

Jan 7th, 2013