It’s already 3rd day on this new year. Everything just like the same with the other day. Nothing special. The different is just when we wrote the day, the year is change.

Every year, people will set their new resolution. I used that few years ago, and hmmm I’m realized that I didn’t focused with that so…I already forgot with my target in mid of year hahaha….

But I’ve tried to be a better person every day, and I usually set my new target of life during my birthday. Fortunately, my birthday is in beginning of year, which is in first month of the year, so I think it’s closed with the new year hehe…

Every year, on my birthday or closing my birthday, I usually think about my life. What I’ve done for this past year. Am I already doing the good or bad thing? Am I already be a good person for everyone?

2012, has been past. And now I’m thinking about what I have done in 2012? Hmmm I wish I can write it here, but I can’t. I have done something that –I don’t know why– I didn’t regret it T__T But I have lost 2 person this year, and deep down in my heart I want these 2 person back into my life. And I miss them so much.

But life must go on, I can’t just stand on this part. I have to move forward. I’m not live on my past. My past will be stay there and being the part of my life. I’m thankful that on this year I’ve had so many experiences, and glad that I’m getting mature because of it ^^~

Jan 2nd, 2013