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He was a nice guy…and I’m in love with him…unfortunately he already disappear almost 6 months ago. I don’t have any idea where he is now. Is he okay, is he already found another girl, is he …. is he…. and so many questions inside my head about him.

It’s start from the beginning of this year. We met in a website and getting closed through the emails day by day. We never missed our day without those emails. Every day we always told our daily activity through the email. And we enjoy our time.

He’s a boxer, and he has another job. And I always love when he told me about his match….and he won 7 times from 8 matches. He love boxing so much. I wish I were there to cheer his up in every match.

We never met, because we are in different time zone, different country…..and we plan to meet actually.

All of my best friends disagree with our kind of relationship and so does his best friends. Afraid that he or me just playing around with this relationship. But it’s not…..we are truly in love each other….I was scared when he is angry about my email that my friends still questioning about us, and I still heard of that.

My only wish for this Christmas is if he suddenly back again….but it’s impossible….I have to forget about him.

Dec 26th, 2012