I just read my friend status on Path. She take a picture from a book which is that book is talk about one of famous coffee shop in the world. She was my ex coworker in my present office. I was join with this factory because of her πŸ™‚ I was interested because there is an opportunity to join an exhibition in overseas πŸ™‚ But….the fact is she leave me in this crazy world πŸ™‚ she is already pissed of with the some people in here.

After my friend resign, she join with one of furniture company and she complain a lots with her company, and she just work there for around 6 months. Then she join another factory, which is the owner is ex my present factory’s director. She not complaining a lots but sometimes still complain.

She love read that book, because this book – according to her – is really really fascinating. And make her thoughts getting perfect in everything. Hmmmm in my working experience (I’m not arrogant or something like that), nobody is perfect. Every human in this world has a lots of good and bad thing. Even ourself. As well as a company, I think there is no company in this world has a perfect financial, system, bureaucracy, employees, or even bos.

The different is, how that company can sees the problem and solve it. They will still have a bad guy employee, or good guy employee, bad boss or good and wise boss, stupid labor or loyal labor, etc. The point is how the big boss can solve this problem, and how each the leader in every dept solve the problem. As long as the leader have a big heart to heard the complain and advise.

I remember the sentences that I heard when I was in college, “Do not ask what the company can provide to you, but think about what you have given to the company”

Dec 21st, 2012