just an unimportant writing

day 12 on 3rd month of this year….

I might be just a little splash for your life, but doesn’t mean you can throw me away just like a piece of trash.

I might be a little rock that suddenly appear in your life, but doesn’t mean I ruin your whole live.

We are not supposed to be hate each other… let be friend and start it over.


March 15th, 2018

C, 3.51pm





[No Title]

I never thought he will said okay and the most surprised thing is when he finally came to meet me.

It’s been a long time since I met you and it was a good time we can talk 🙂

March 10th 2016

Dream and bucket list

24 days has past since the New Year.
24 memorable days that already fill our live.

Most of us must be wrote it made our resolution or our bucket list. Learn from the past or renew last year’s resolution, we settled the new goal of our life.

Me? My resolution? Just one….wanna be a better person. Nothing big or cool…just a simple wish yet hard to do it.

But I had a lots of list on my bucket list. Getting married, more wealthy than last year, travelling around the world, better job, and so on.

4 days to go to my 34 years old. Been thinking about my 33 years of life. Lots of things happened….ups and downs…everything happened for its reason. So I believe what already happened in my life, God has plan for me. I don’t know yet….but I am sure that God always taking care of me.

I wish you can keep your resolution.

Jan 24th, 2016

My best nine moments in 2015

If we know now, there is an apps on Instagram named best nine 2015 which is the best 9 photos who got lots of hearts aka likes. Well, honestly I was didn’t know that there is an apps (lols) so I pick randomly pict which is representation my best moment on 2015. (Fyi, I finally use that apps and got 9 picts which is had lots hearts hehehe)

Okay…now I want to share to all of you my best 9 moments on 2015.

1. I still have my besties, J. He’s one of the lots of best things in my life. I always grateful I met him 46 months ago. Eventhough we are a long distance friendship but just like other friendship we also have our ups and downs moments. And we realized that those ups and downs makes our relationship stronger. The best man in my life after my dad and my brother 🙂

2. I met my dearest one boyfriend. Yup after our “broke up” moment and no conversation for 10 months, I decided to re-add his FB and  he accepted my request. Then we met for real 🙂 and no need to explain what happened next because it would be a novel lol

3. My bounding with my family members (mom, sister and brother) is getting better but we still build on our financial problem. Thanks to God who always provide everything.

4. My company who still hired me 🙂 and I was moved to other dept. Still in marketing but I handled local project now and makes me travelling to other city. What a blessing 🙂

5. Finally I quit from my dance group. It was a tearing moment when I dance and handle my second line dance group for the last time. I love that job but I have to quit because I don’t have moment for me time and also I busy with my new job. But I thankful because I met lots of people, have sisters from other parents (aka my dancers), met celebrity and take a pict with them.

6. My boss was retired and we have a new boss. I little bit upset and sad when he told us that he will leave. I have a tearing eye that time. I love my boss and I love working with him. I learned lots of things with him. Also I knew his wife and we had a good relationship. I love madam (the way I called my boss’ wife hahaa). She is a nice woman, and very patience person (compared to my boss that very impatient person lol)

7. The fallen of my tab 😦 little bit upset and makes me arghhhh angry and disappointed. But well it taught me lots hahaaha and I have to buy a new phone now 😦

8. Coloring my hair with my fav color….purple!!! First time in my life hahahaha

9. My birthday on this beginning year. Spent my night with my best friend ever 🙂 love them so much.

Well that’s my best nine moments in my life.
How about you guys? What is your best nine moments? Or maybe more?

Have a blast 2016 for all readers.

Dec 31, 2015
9.12 pm

Just a stupid writing #3

Women are unique. Men sometimes always complaints about how we think.

1. If women suddenly become quiet, makes sure you have to remember what you have done or said to us before we become quiet.

2. If we said OK, or nothing, it’s mean we mad or angry or disappointed (with you!!)

Any comments or additional points? Lol

Oct 10, 2015

Notes: this is totally stupid writing

Just a stupid writing #2

The best thing I love to write on this blog is, I can write anything without hesitation that someone I know (friends, or colleague, or family member) will read this.
But the worst thing is, I wrote what’s on my mind now. What I felt, what I face, what I think….I just write down on this blog. If someday someone I know read my writing, well….that’s my bad…

Oct 10, 2015


Sometimes we face the thing that we don’t like….or the thing that we want to avoid it…

How we react those things it will shown how mature we are. Those things will come to our life now or later…. deal with it and it will makes you more mature.

It’s better keep silence and solve the problem, rather than post it on social media and let the world know your problem.

What I’ve learn today is, whatever feeling I expressed it won’t be change the reality about the thing I face now. Disappointed, angry, sad, or whatever it is…will not change the condition.

Yes, I’m very disappointed but yeah it will not change the situation.

Oct 10, 2015

My Flashlight

I didn’t wish you will talk to me every second, every minutes or every hour. I just wish you to text me in the morning, the first person that will greet me in the morning. Or greet me on my lunch time….or even just asking about my day. Or say me a good night before I’m going to bed. But, I never got it…you are too busy with your work…too busy with your life…too busy to talk to me even only say hi. I didn’t ask anything…I just want you be there on my bad and good time. I just want you cheer me up in the middle on my day. I just want you to told me about your hard day…because I wanna be there for you. I just want you to be my flashlight…and I be your flashlight….holding hand and face everything together. I just want you….

Aug 5th, 2015
12.21 am

Between two nations

It’s already a month after we met. Our first meeting.
I was surprised you finally did that trip. It’s not a long trip but it makes me happy and means everything to me.

I will never expect that you will be mine. I just wish we are back to be a friend.
But what happened on that trip, the way you treat me, makes me think who we are.

Now, you already back to your country.
We talking each other every single day…those voice call, and our first Skype….makes me believe you are my boyfriend… until few days ago…when we busy with our own world and the communication going rare.

I just don’t want lose you for the second time. I just wish that this is gonna be my last one until the end of my life.

June 20th, 2015


I am thankful for met you.
I am thankful for being part of your life.
I am thankful for your presence in my life.
I am thankful for everything that happened along our friendship.
I am thankful for your time to listening to me.
I am thankful for everything.
I am thankful for having you J.

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Feb 1st, 2015